Rest call from bpm

Are we able to make Rest Service calls from a BPM?

Say I copy my code from postman (C# RestSharp) and put it into the custom code editor in a BPM.
If possible, is there a preferred Epicor version and is there anything I would need to add to get the code working?

Currently on Epicor 10.1.600.35, but we’re working to get to 10.2.400.xx

Thanks in advance.

Here is a similar topic.

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If you mean REST calls to something other than Epicor then you can make it work from a BPM without needing too much else in any version at least from 10.1.400, because we’ve been doing it since then.

If you’re wanting to call Epicor’s own APIs then see the link above.


You’ll just need to copy the restSharp DLL into the external DLL section of the server so you can reference that library. Once you do that, it works well.


Hey Brandon,

I found the externals folder for where I need to add the dll.

Where do I find the actual RestSharp.dll file to copy from?

I was able to download RestSharp into a NUPKG file, but I’m not sure how to convert it to an dll.

Just search your computer for it. I’m almost certain it’s probably on your computer somewhere already and you can just copy that one.

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