REST call to get job operations - getDataSetForTree() is a beast

I’m looking for a simple / fast REST endpoint to get the operations for a given job number. In SOAP in E9 I used getDataSetForTree, and the trace in E10 shows this is being called, but in other posts I see it’s not apart of oData(couldnt’ find it at first), and it appears to be a beast. I’ve been waiting for over 3 minute for api/help/v1/methods/Erp.BO.JobEntrySvc/index(custom methods) to load, so I’m a bit concerned I’m going down the wrong path. In hunting around on this forum I found the following endpoint, but it doesn’t return operations(value is always blank).

/api/v1/Erp.BO.JobEntrySvc/JobOpers?$filter=JobNum eq ‘100100-1-1’

Edit this endpoint does return operations for some jobs(I tried one that was closed and got operations), but my query is only looking at open jobs(not sure closed vs open is why some jobs give data others not although in job tracker I see operations exist on all jobs I tested with).

Any pointers for a beginer? Also, I’d rather learn to fish than to have someone hand me a fish, so if there is somewhere I can look to figure this out on my own(I’m familiar with the /api/help but can’t find an endpoint that does what I want).

If it were me (and probably others here) I would probably write a BAQ and use the BAQ service to get what you want. You have more control that way and can limit it to what you want. Plus if you want to do things with it later, you can use the UBAQ to house your logic server side.