REST Cert in web browser vs cert in IIS manager?

so this issue had been working fine and it just stopped working so not sure where it went wrong.

Have an on premise 10.2.600 environment. I was able to use Excel rest OData in end clients.

As of last week, i can’t use OData with the error

DataSource.Error: OData: Request failed: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.

There are a few threads here but none point me in the right direction.

I have installed a self signed cert in IIS manager under server certificates. There are also 2 certs in there signed by digicert and go daddy.

the self signed cert i created is the same name as the rest url since thats what i read on the other threads. I also installed it in the trust root of the server and the end client that is using rest odata in excel but i still get the error above.
Do i need to put it someplace in admin console or where in epicor for it to read it?

when i go to the web version of rest, i see the cert that is picking up is one by digicert which the SN does not match the url of Epicor rest. How can i correct this? Do i need to remove that cert from IIS manager? How can i point the self sign cert to the rest url?

any help would be appreaciated


For future refence you can check which cert in IIS>default website (or the website name if different) >Binding> and check which cert in https is being used.

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And make sure the self signed cert shows here with your epicor app name and then you need to install it on the clients Personal and Truested root folders. This can be done via gpo or manually if only for a few PCs.