REST - "Change Unit Price". Parameter ds is not found in the input object


Hope someone has come across this and can help.
I’ve created an OrderLine successfully.
Using the trace it’s calling “ChangeUnitPrice” to change the price of the line - which I am trying to replicate.
It’s not updating in the code as I get “Parameter ds is not found in the input object”
I’ve exported the response data - checked it’s a valid JSON - the file is only 770kb which shouldn’t be an issue.
When I run this in Swagger it looks the same as the sample:

however this is what it is showimg me:

Any pointers greatly appreciated as REST is very new to me and I’m keen on getting to grips with it.

Many thanks!


You’re sending input that looks like the output. The input should look like the example input shown on the Swagger page. At a glance, the ds property should be top level, not nested in a parameters property. Not sure what other differences there might be.


Hi @KevinK

Thank you! Much appreciated.
Completely understand now.
Thanks for your help