REST filter by JobNum returns "contact your system administrator"

SaaS201Pilot/api/v1/Erp.BO.JobEntrySvc/JobMtlAttches?%24filter=(JobNum%20eq%20'xxxxxxx')" -H  "accept: application/json"

When making the above all I get the following error. I can use the filter by Company but not JobNum

Sorry! Something went wrong. Please contact your system administrator.

That one might just be broken. A lot of the Odata calls simply don’t work and you have to use the custom calls. I get the same thing in my env. Unfortunately even unfiltered, I receive an empty set back, but as as soon as I filter on JobNum, it gives me the same failure. We have the customer errors toggled so we get a little more detail, so this is what we get.

What are you trying to do?

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Trying to get all the attachments ( filenames ) associated with a Job.

JobMtlAttches is not a real table, it is created from XFileAttch data,
I think you should use custom method here to get complete Job record and take attachments from there.

Can you provide a resource on how to do that?

For example, go to the help page for JobEnty, select custom methods in the top right corner(or RPC methods in new help), select GetByID

What tables do I have to link to get the query to have all the information?

For all information you probably need to write BAQ, instead of indiidual JobEntries.
Attachment information is in 2 tables: Ice.XFileAttch and Ice.XFileRef