Rest - license type?

We are using e10 rest apis. We use basic auth for authentication, and it’s working well. Although, in E9 we used soap apis and we configured a specific account to use a web service type license, but in e10 rest apis I’m unsure how to specify that we want to use a web service license. I read a bit about epicor sessions, reservations, etc and felt even more confused, my guess is this doesn’t apply to rest apis…?

How do we specify that we want to use a web service license in e10 for rest api calls?

I think @josecgomez wrote a topic about defining the license type in the header if you search here. But by default it consumes a regular license. I also will lock up a license for the life of the call, which can cause some issues if you have a high amount of calls being made. If you establish a session in your code and pass in the session to the header you can make unlimited calls (just like a client) and it will just consume the 1 license that the session is associated with

Check out this sample from my REST nuget.

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