REST / Odata Compatibility issue

So my ongoing challenges with Odata continue.
You may not be aware, but Excel has 2 oData drivers, a legacy and a new one. The new one is the same as used in power bi.

Should result in a catalog with a schema of BAQ’s under proper REST guidelines.

If you put this in the legacy driver, excel will return a list of BAQ’s and you can select one OR MORE and pull them into a data model.

If you use the newer driver, you get a 404 Error. I tried it with a datawarehouse tool that used the cData driver and get the same 404 error. Their analysts looked at it and said Epicor isn’t properly supporting the $metadata tag on the service.

IE something like this should work but doesn’t:$metadata

When you access a BO with odata, you are properly getting the schema of all the available tables, but NOT when you use the baq service.

I’ve testing this on 10.2.300 and 10.2.400 with the same results.

Anybody else able to, in excel (o365 version), go to Data>New Query>From Other Sources>from OData feed and put in something like this:

And NOT get an error??

New Driver Requires API v2

We use office 2016 with REST consumed by OData in Excel every single day - and most of that is the BAQSvc. We are SaaS too but Public Cloud.

I don’t think$metadata ever worked, we only show metadata for 1 BAQ or service. Otherwise, no Excel will survive huge amount of data…

Do you have an example of the v2 syntax. Is that available in 10.2.300?

The Rest help page built into epicor only shows V1

But you can’t do one Rest call and pull in multiple BAQ’s into excel like you can with, for say, a business object which has multiple tables

Why can the legacy excel driver show you the list of all baq’s and you can select 1 or more and they come in as separate tables?

The new driver throws in an error

  1. REST Service Root URL has changed the format to include the current Company. The /api/v1/ segment of the request URL has been replaced with /api/v2/odata/.
  2. The format of Business Activity Queries (BAQs) data requests has changed to include /Data in the request URL. This is critical for enabling REST API compatibility with Microsoft® Excel® 2016/365. Refer to the BAQ Feeds topic of this guide for detailed information and examples (Display Data in OData Applications Display in Excel Table).

For the URL, enter the resource you wish to display in this Excel spreadsheet.


The following URL can be used to display data from the Customer Contacts Business Activity Query:


Example $metadata


It says to refer to the baq feeds section of ‘this guide’. Do you have a link to where you got this or can you tell me where to locate it? Epicor has a built in web page for the rest stuff, but it all relates to v1.

Thanks a million

Probably old driver did not check for metadata and new one does?

So trying all these V2 links throws an internal server error (i.e. V2 isn’t running). I’m running 10.2.300.

Does something need to be done to enable version 2?

See attached screenshot

v2 is for 10.2.400 - Since you mentioned it on top I assumed you were on 10.2.400.

v1 does not work with the New Adapter to my understanding or atleast doesnt for me anymore since a Office 365 Update I get a 404 - but Legacy is fine.

V1 seems to work fine to bring a single BAQ in and it works fine to bring in a BO with the new excel adapter

Any updates on this thread? Yesterday I was able to connect but today I can not. Trying to show how we can use this.

have you read this thread ?

Just remember that this web.config fix is not available to those on SaaS because Epicor won’t make a config change as it applies to multiple customers in this multi-tenant hybrid hosting arrangement they have.


This worked on Monday but not since. I had the screens pop up as in the example.


I have attached the error I get. This is within Production or Pilot and as MArk mentioned we are a SaaS

Did you try that legacy driver option?

Yes Mark and says its trying to pull a list of tables