Rest User Authentication Error - Help

That would be the address you put in for swagger. You can see it at the top of the screen on the Kinetic homepage or the bottom of the modern/shell:

Leave off the https:// and everything after the .com

I had full https and everything out to the saas. Even after I remove them I still get this error:

Also thanks for walking me through this!

Well, I’m not sure which Epicor server you are on but mine looks like this:

EpicorRest.AppPoolHost = "";
EpicorRest.AppPoolInstance = "SaaS203";

I don’t think LIVE is a correct pool instance, that should be whatever is after the .com/ in the area highlighted areas in the screen shot I posted.

That said I see the error message has changed actually…

Ours is the same not that I look. I changed our Instance to our saas and got the program to go through. However, I received the following message on the return from the program:

Change the LicenseType to .Default and see if that works.

WebService Licenses do need to be purchased. They are cheaper than MES but you still need them. If you did purchase them, get a new License file from Customer Support and file a ticket to have the Cloud Team install it.

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Pretty straight forward. Looks like you guys don’t have that license. You’ll have to use Default which will consume a user license.

You all are awesome! Thank for helping with this! I’ll give all of you a like. Wish I could give you all the solution!

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