RestAPICore issue - The SSL connection could not be established, see inner exception

I’m having an issue I could use some help from @jgiese.wci or @josecgomez on. I’m using RestAPICore in a C# program than calls a Epicor Function to post an AP Invoice batch. Used the REST Help page to call the function using the same URI, API Key, and the function works fine. However, when I run the same function in Debug mode from the program, I get the below error and a ResponseCode of 0. I checked certificates in Cert Manager and I have the cert from the website installed in my Trusted Root store. What else could be causing this issue?

The SSL connection could not be established, see inner exception

For completeness what is the inner exception? Is there any?

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There’s a flag EpicorRest.IgnoreCertificates or something like that try setting that.

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I have the IgnoreCertErrors flag set to true, but I still get the error. This is occurring in VS while debugging code. Problem doesn’t occur when the compiled code is run onthe server, just occurs on my system in debug. Below is the example code:

        private static void CallPostFunctionNew()
            EpicorRest.AppPoolHost = <servername>;
            if (_ServerID == "")
                EpicorRest.AppPoolInstance = "EpicorERP";
                EpicorRest.AppPoolInstance = $@"{_ServerID}";
            EpicorRest.UserName = $@"{Properties.Settings.Default.BatchEntryPerson}";
            EpicorRest.Password = $@"{Properties.Settings.Default.BatchEntryPass}";
            EpicorRest.Company = $@"{Properties.Settings.Default.CompanyID}";
            EpicorRest.APIKey = $@"{EnvAPIKey}";
            EpicorRest.APIVersion = EpicorRestVersion.V2;
            EpicorRest.License = EpicorLicenseType.Default;
            EpicorRest.IgnoreCertErrors = true;
            EpicorRest.Timeout = 10000;
            EpicorRest.MaxRequestLogLength = 1;

                var smsSend = new
                    GroupID = $@"{BatchGroupID}"

                var rsp = EpicorRest.EfxPost(Properties.Settings.Default.RESTLibrary, Properties.Settings.Default.RESTFunction, smsSend);

            if (rsp.IsErrorResponse)