Restarting Eclipse Automation Service Daily to Upload O365 Documents

Does anyone else have this issue where O365 documents do not fully upload into ECM until the Eclipse Automation Service is restarted? The document viewer only shows a little envelope until the service is restarted. I have to restart the service every day. ECM support is stumped; they don’t know what the issue is, and told me restarting the service is the only answer…All other documents via scanning, SMB folders upload, and the Import option under the Capture Tab upload fine. It’s only with O365 documents.

This started 8-ish months ago. I only needed to restart the Eclipse Automation Service monthly, but that quickly progressed to weekly, and now daily. Upgrading from v18.2 to v22.2 resolved this issue for a week but then reverted to needing to be restarted every day.

I’ve since scheduled the service to restart daily using the Task Scheduler app, but I feel like this temporary solution won’t last forever.

@jholtha Welcome. How are the documents getting into ECM? How many ECM Queue Processors are you running and how many of those are set to process office documents?

Our office documents are just attached to Epicor and I have one PC that has the Office checkbox set and the servers only do work flow and batch import processing.

Not knowing your situation totally maybe you could not process office documents on the server that has the issue and use a virtual PC that has Office and ECM processing on it. That is how I do my office document processing.

Hi Greg. Thanks for the response! To be honest, I’m not certain how many ECM Queue Processors we have nor how to find that. There are still many things I am learning as I go. So, my knowledge is limited. Already, you’re asking questions ECM support never asked me :joy:

We have an desktop app called Epicor ECM Client downloaded on each Epicor Users PC (6 users total). The app is logged in with each user’s Epicor profile creds. Within the app there’s an option to download and install the ‘Office Integration’ module. After install, in all O365 programs there’s an Epicor ECM category on the top of the banner.

Click on the ‘Save to Epicor ECM’ button, and a window prompts users to select WF, Content Type, Security Class, etc for each document. Click send, and within a minute it’s in the Workflow Queue in ECM waiting to be processed.

I integrated the Office module on the user’s PCs two years ago, it’s been within the last year this became an issue (seemingly out of nowhere). Our server is maintained through a contractor. They looked into it and found nothing on their end.

@jholtha - we really don’t use it every day but only on occasion. In taking a look I suppose all of these were covered by support already but…

On the Log Viewer tab - are there any entries in there (especially the Automation service tab) that look like errors?

In the Windows Event Viewer - any error messages?

In Windows Services - in the properties for the Automation service - do you have any options set for auto-recovery? How is the service logging on? (Local System Account?)

I have never used that part of ECM, but I set it up tonight and went thru the process. If all the documents are going to end up in a workflow, why not just dump them in a folder that shoves them into a workflow. If you are clever about how you name the documents then it can be a touchless workflow. Yes that runs away from the issue, but I am never stubborn about fixing what is broken when I can succeed another way.