Restore database from environment with different license file (2 companies to 1)

I haven’t done it yet, but I am wondering from the experts what I can expect when attempting to perform the following.
To give a short background, we are in the process of separating all IT systems from our parent company, where we share an Epicor environment with multi-companies.
In the new environment, I have a single company license file. In the current production environment, we have a multi-company license and multi-company data.
I need to move the data over from the current production database into the new environment database.
I have a .BAK file ready to go from the current production database, but I am hesitant on restoring the currently empty database in the new environment. I imagine that, because there is only a single company licensed in the new environment, the data for the old company might exist but will not be accessible through the application. Ideally, the data from the old company would be deleted and we are working on scripts for that, but I’d like to test this out too.
Any pitfalls to migrating the data this way?

Should work fine, the license will migrate with it, but you can always import the new one and replace it.

Thank you. Interesting that the license will migrate with it.

Update: this worked fine, thank you for the confidence!!