Restrict allocation from specific bin

We have a couple of bins in our warehouses that we do not want to allocation parts to a job from. These are staging bins and we would only want to use them for a job.
Is there a way to restrict this?

The Non-nettable flag on the Bin might work

But then we do not get the count of inventory in the warehouse.

So you have parts in stock that could be used on several jobs, and you want to somehow allocate a certain qty to specific jobs? By using Inventory Transfer (a STK-STK transaction).

After that is done, then those parts still need to show as QOH, but their Qty’s not be available for allocating to other demand.

The simplest would be to just issue them to the Job, and physical move them to an “Allocated” area. Best to tag them with which job they’re for.

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I just got some more information from my users. These items are coming from a job and being put into the default bin (in this case bin CGS - Completed Goods Staging) and then being moved to a more permanent bin. The problem comes in when jobs that demand this item are allocated. It allocates the material out of CGS and when the material handler tries to put it away it will not let them because it is already allocated.

What do you mean that Qty in a Non-Nettable bin does show up in inventory?

There’s an option to include it on the Stock Status report.

And it shows in Part Tracker

There are a few places where it appears to not be on hand (like in Inventory Transfer), but it really is.

The following is with 130 FT in the NNET bin


It looks like there is zero there, but if you searched for that bin you’d see:



I’m not even sure if the Non-nettable attribute of a Bin prevents it from being allocated.

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From what I have observed, non-nettable bins “hide” them from Sales, you cant ship from them. They can be allocated from, It happens a lot here. We have a bin INSP that is non nettable. Regardless if a part has a Default bin or not , if there is stock in bin A, a kanban job will pull from bin A regardless if there is enough stock or not. . If there is stock in INSP and stock in bin Z , Kanban job will pull from INSP because alphabetically INSP comes before Z.

I dont know if this helps or not, I might be veering off the original question

I dont know the process off the top of my head but I’d assume you can trace to determine the relevant BOs\methods and write a BPM for this.

Thank you everyone for your comments. I don’t think I am able to do what i am looking for in the same warehouse, however, our final decision was to move the material to a “Receiving” warehouse before putting it away. This is the same thing we do with PO receipts and it works there.

Thanks again