Restricting user attachment file size

We are hoping to find a way to restrict the size of files our users can attach to various records. The idea of a user being able to upload a 20GB file just doesn’t seem right. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Doing attachments, for us, merely copies the path of the file. As long as the file is on a shared server (it is not always…arghhhhh) it is available to all having access. It is not copied into Epicor… (AFAIK this is how it works, so there is no Upload into Epicor )
But if you still need to restrict, my first thought would be to do a BPM directive (better) or an in-transaction data directive on the table (xFileRef) where the path is copied, and verify if the attached file exceeds some size… generate an exception if exceeds? To be tested…never done it…

How are your attachments configured? As @Hogardy said, some are set up to just be a link to the document

You definitely want to do a BPM directive. ERP runs an upload method before updating the xFile tables. If you run a data directive you’ll just end up with giant orphaned files on your server (which you then have to delete) which is the worst of all outcomes.

They are set to “File Transfer Using Service”. So I believe it is like @Hogardy described.

I’m not seeing a method titled upload. Any suggestion on what else it might be called?

Ice.Attachment.UploadFile…should be the last method in the list.

I think I might be missing something here. I have checked under Method Directives Maintenance and Data Directives Maintenance, but I’m not able to find ice.attachment.uploadfile. Is there another spot I should be looking?