Retrieve lot parts

Is there a wat to search for lot parts, is there a table where this parts are stored?

Part.TrackLots is the field in part maintenance that you can check to make a part lot tracked.

There are a few other places you set up how you would like to collect this though, but that is the main field you check to get started.

In short, if you query the part table where Part.TrackLots = 1 or true then you should get a list of parts that are lot tracked.

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@utaylor is correct. Also, the actual lots that have been made are store in PartLot and the lots on hand are stored in PartBin.

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Is there a way to convert one part to part lot from the parts table?

Not sure what you mean here. If you want to start tracking lots for a part, you need to Qty Adjust out any on hand inventory, flip the “Track Lots” checkbox on Part Entry, and the, Qty Adjust them back in with a Lot Number.