Return Field contents in a grid

I have a grid(grid_Attachments) which displays the file attachments type and link. The grid is populating and I am trying to get a text field(epiTextBoxOrderNoAttach.Text) to show the contents of the selected row and cell in the grid. I am getting it to return, but it is the wrong info. It is returning information about the grid.


		private void grid_Attachments_AfterRowActivate(object sender, System.EventArgs args)
		UltraGridRow activeRow = grid_Attachments.ActiveRow;
		epiTextBoxOrderNoAttach.Text = activeRow.Cells["XFileRef_XFileName"].ToString();

nvm…I figured it out. I had to add.Value after the file name.
epiTextBoxOrderNoAttach.Text = activeRow.Cells[“XFileRef_XFileName”].Value.ToString();