Return sum of values from a BAQ

What I’m trying to do is:
Get the sum of values of all Sales Order related to a Project and display the Total value in a field in the Project Entry screen.
Some of our Projects have more than one Sales Order
In our Sales Orders we have a UD field with the Project number in it
I can get the values of each Sales Order to show in a BAQ that is related to a Project
What I’m having trouble with is how to get the sum of the values to the Project Entry Screen

Make a second BAQ that returns:

  • Sum(OrderHed.OrderTotal)
  • ProjectNum (grouped by)

Once you get the value you would like in a BAQ you can display it to a field on the Project Entry screen by using a BAQDataView.

Thanks, with a combination of what @ckrusen and @jorel said, I’ve got my field displaying correctly,
The next thing I need to do is pass that value to the " Total Contract Value" field
Has anyone got pointers on that??