Returning parts from assembly -

We come across this scenario from time to time: We have included a certain part on an assembly. The job goes into production, we buy the part and issue it to the job. Now we find out that the part is not the right part for the application and we need to try another type of part. Sometimes we throw a host of parts at a problem in the hopes something fixes it. So we kind of ETO at some level.

How do I transact the part we just returned? If I do a return to stock it leaves an open qty on the assembly. I can’t delete the part or reduce the qty from the assembly as there are already transactions against it from when I issued it.

The part that we used we can sometimes use on another job, sometimes we can return to vendor, often it disappears somewhere on a shelf untrackable by Epicor until someone tosses it.

We are looking at job receipt to salvage for those items that we can put on the shelf for future use. Not sure if that is the correct path though.

What is the best way to handle this scenario?



You can set materials to 0 qty, but somewhere along the line, that changed to allow that. I don’t remember if it was 10.1 or 10.2.

Assemblies still can’t be 0 qty, but that’s probably not what you are returning anyways.

I am at 10.1.500.45 and I can still do it. It will probably be the way to go for us. I wonder if it goes away indeed when we move up to 10.2. Can anyone confirm?

the 0 quantity is the new thing. Before you couldn’t have 0 quantity on something. If you can put a 0 in a material on a job or in the engineering workbench, that’s the change you need. So after you return something, just change the quantity to 0 so that you don’t have any more demand for it.

But that’s only for material, not assemblies. So if you are actually returning assemblies, that’s different.

owww gotcha! I guess I am in luck as I can process the 0 qty; tested that today.


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Related question; what do you do when you outright scrap a part that was bought and issued to an assembly? I want the cost to stay with the job, but is there a way to indicate that the part was removed and thrown away so to speak?

A NonCon/DMR should do that. Although I haven’t traced through the costs on that one to see where they go for sure.

We didn’t buy QA… I have some other uses for QA, so I’ll be looking to add it on…