Reverse a build of a Serial Tracked part number?

Does anyone know how to reverse a production build for a part number that is marked as both Serial Number tracked and Lot Tracked. I have uncovered a number of jobs that reported production against a job in error, and I need to reverse the production to take the Inventory out of finished goods and put everything back into WIP. Normally (for un-serialized part number production), I would go into Time&Expense and enter a Negative Quantity against a job, and everything reverses quite nicely. When I try to do this on our serialized products, it requires me to select a Serial Number, but since the Serial Number is in a Status of “Inventory”, it is not available for selection. I have tried overriding the Serial Status to WIP/Available/etc, and it still throws up a hard stop. I thought I figured it out by doing a Negative “Job Receipt to Inventory”, but this just put the value of the finished good to a variance GL Control, and left the quantity in inventory, causing my GL and Sub-Ledgers to be out of balance.

In summary, how do I reverse an accidental production entry against a job that creates a Serialized and Lot Tracked part number? Thanks in Advance

It wouldn’t be pretty, but you could:

  1. Do a misc issue of the FG to scrap,
  2. Do Qty Adj’s of the raw material that was issued to the job
  3. Do a JE to zero out the GL entries between the FG scrap and Qty Adj’s.

After step 2, the QOH’s (both the FG and Raw Materials) should be correct.

And step 3 is just to move the variances between the scrap and Qty Adj accts.

We don’t use serial num tracking so I don’t know if that would make that S/N invalid, requiring you to issue a new one and re-mark the product.

It also doesn’t address any labor costs

I see how that could work, especially if I create a specific reason code that would book the Misc Issuance straight back to the GL Account I need it in. The only wrinkle will be that the job will show that production qty was still built against the job. I will try it out in our test envornment and see if it will work. I am still surprised there is not a more streamlined way of reversing a build.

Thank you for your input Calvin.