Reversing a Receipt that has been through inspection

Shipping/Receiving apparently received in (in Epicor) more parts than physically came in. Parts have somehow gotten through inspection processing in Epicor and job has been completed. This is a subcontract job. Is there a way to back any of these transactions out? I’m thinking in terms of what happens when they want to receive the rest of the quantity in and invoicing. Pulling in the receipt line to the invoice is going to cause a variance. Anyone run into this. I’m pretty sure once parts have gone through inspection there isn’t much you can do.

@Zach44 I agree, or at least I’ve never heard of a solution. The act of inspection processing creates PartTran/Inventory transactions that bear cost, and those are the two things that would have to be accounted for in a reversal process. The basic rule I tell my users is that “once there is a proper inventory transaction, it’s there for good.”

But I’d really like to know if there is a way to reverse them!