Reversing Paid and Posted A/R Invoice

We’re in 10.2.600. A miscellaneous invoice was created for a deposit on a sales order, but it wasn’t tied to the sales order. We applied a receipt of payment for the invoice. Is there any way to get this reversed or somehow tied to the sales order?

cancellation invoice?

from ar invoice entry, actions- cancellation

Posted and paid AR invoice cannot be cancelled (using epicor interface).
You could theoretically use a datafix to “re-open” the invoice but then the payment will still be linked with the now “open invoice” and this is messy.
You should do the following :

  1. credit note for the customer for the amount in the “wrong invoice”;
  2. deposit invoice for the sales order;
  3. post both of them;
  4. apply the credit note against the deposit invoice, eventually with a comment that this was done to fix wrongly booked misc invoice number


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