RMA Process

We are trying to implement a RMA process in Vantage. At this time, we have
been using Vantage to enter RMA information. However, we have not developed
the entire process. In addition, in order to print any report, we need to
enter the complete information, them create a report that shows the
information that we need.

If somebody can help us with the following:

1)Is there a company in the Bay Area (or any where else..)that uses Vantage
4.0 and Report Builder 2) has an RMA process that is entirely Vantage
dependent (little or no manual steps not using Vantage) and 3) that would be
willing to talk to us about their RMA process. 4) and finally, if somebody
has a report that includes information related to RMA's that we can use or

We would greatly appreciate your help.

If somebody wants to contact me off list, e-mail me at