RMA sets wrong defaults when creating from invoice

We use a structure wherein we utilize the Alternate Bill to functionality, so a customer will have a separate customer as the alternate bill to and alternate ship to.
Here is an example of how an invoice would look:

When attempting to create an RMA for this invoice, I find it to be best practice to use the invoice number first.
Tabbing off of the legal number field will now set the default sold to customer as a different sold to customer than the invoice. In this case, it’s setting it to the Bill To customer from the invoice. Secondly the Bill To field always defaults as “same as sold to”.

I’m sure you can imagine the headaches we’ve gone through with accidentally crediting the wrong accounts due to this behavior. What’s more interesting is that viewing the trace logs, it does appear that the data being passed into these fields are actually correct, based on the invoice. The form behavior however always seems to do its own thing.

Any help would be appreciated with getting this to fill out the information correctly from the invoice.
Thank you