Rolling up labor costs

This may be problem beyond the means of the forum.

When entering accounts for a project-program, an account # is treated as a part number; a top-job created for that account-P/N. Multiple lower jobs are later created that report to this top job.

I am told of a problem: when rolling up costs to the project, these accounts-P/Ns roll-up the actual costs as strictly material costs–rather than labor costs as actually applied.

First, is it correct to make an account # a part number (P/N)?
Second, if you do that, will the problem of labor costs, as described, occur?

Check this company config setting is it enabled?

If not then that is your probably your issue.

Brad Boes

We have the same issue. We just converted to Kinetic 2021 (v11.1.100) from a really old version (Vantage 6.1) and now all of our subassembly labor costs report “up” as material costs. I don’t see the same check box for “enable mfg cost elements” as shown in 10.2.200. I want to check the bottom lefthand corner “get details from job for job” and figured asking here might be an easy step before testing in Pilot.

@JF_Innovent It is in the same spot. Right hand side half way down.

Wow. Thanks Greg. Time for a new prescription! John