Root element is missing

I see that they are similar thread but is unable to get a solution for the issue that I had encountered.

User cannot login and face the below error.

We tried to clear cache via the user’s machine but unable to see anything to delete.

Anyone can advise?

re-install the client??

Could be a corrupt sysconfig file??

Hi Yenncher,
There is an Epiccare KB entry for that issue. Here is the URL.


Several entries searching this forum too:

Hi Carlos

Then article that you shared is not found.

Apart from CCC, try clearing the folders from the following location on User Machine: C:\ProgramData\Epicor

Hi All

The problem is resolved by itself.
I have no idea how it was resolved but user did not face the issue with login today.

Not sure I can share the post content, probably not, so please log into your Epicor account in epiccare site and look for this:


Have a look at it, it mentions 2 possible reasons.