Running custom process on a Schedule

tell him to go here.

@klincecum edit: Old link removed as it now goes to an adult chat site! as Jose mentioned above. I believe they are now part of Epicor.

A download for this can also be found on your EpicWeb site:

It is an extended solution.

Jeff Clark. I wonder if they don’t make commission on the extended solutions? Our partner company had a similar experience where their cam never heard of this product :expressionless:

I know where I’d tell a CAM to go, if they didn’t know that a product they represent existed. :wink:


Hey hey epicor has something like 42 products not counting 3rd party extensions
Give them a break lol


For what it’s worth, I just contacted my CAM about this and he had no idea what it was until I mentioned that on the document it said to contact “Epicor Extended Solutions” and then he was like…“Oh! Wait a minute! Yep, here it is. That isn’t utilized much so we don’t normally have it on our radar.” So, if it helps anyone move faster, make sure to mention that it is part of “Epicor Extended Solutions”. My CAM had to email the Extended Solutions Team (copying us of course) and then we got a response back from someone who was a Custom Solutions Manager.

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