Running custom process on a Schedule

So you mean, suggesting a feature “user defined BPM to run on schedule” would be a waste of time because they sell something to do it? I guess that would explain why we have to do all of the goofy workarounds to run a BPM on a schedule. Seems a little silly.


Ditto to what Daryl said. This is how I typically accomplish this. I have the UD40 table set up as an “IT Use” table. I create a control record on that table, and then a BPM triggers when the control record gets updated. The Service Connect routine runs on a schedule, and the only thing that it does it a UD40.GetByID and a UD40.UpdateExt.

The BPM has a condition Key1 = “RecordKeyValue” and CheckBox01 is changed from FALSE to TRUE. In the custom code of the BPM, the last thing I do is set CheckBox01 back to FALSE so it’s ready for the next time the schedule runs.

It all sounds a lot more complicated than it really is.

When you look down this thread, functional as all the solutions may be, it does all feel a bit hacky for such a simple need, doesn’t it?


Ended up purchasing the User Process Scheduler. It was super cheap and everything I ever wanted for this requirement. Thanks for the suggestions all!

I HIGHLY recommend purchasing the User Process Scheduler if you’re able to. It really opens up a lot of possibilities for custom process programming.


You got any hard numbers? (barllpark or whatever)

For 17 users, it was like 700 bucks


We are also now purchasing the process scheduler as well after trying it out! Its awesome

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I asked my CAM about it. I had to look it up for him on EpicWeb. :man_facepalming:


Mine did too…you’d think they would know their catalog a little better.

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How did you find out about it?

from @josecgomez and @hmwillett in this thread :wink:


wow, my memory getting poor. :blush:

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Do you have to match it your User Count? I would like for a Service Account “manager” for example to Run a special BPM on a Schedule, not every user.

Everything in Epicor is licensed by user @hkeric.wci regardless of who uses it.


So I would need ex 550 licenses and as I grow the more expensive it gets? Yikes, at 17 users and 700$ sounds cheap… but at 550, not so much :slight_smile:

All I wanted was a BPM on a Schedule :slight_smile:

I don’t think the scale is linear.

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Its just one licence not 550 licenses lol they just charge you based on your user load.
And as you grow your maintenance gets more expensive and yes like @Banderson said it doesn’t scale linearly.

In V8 I would use the BAQ Export, and had a trick for passing parameters to it. That worked for me. That is until the BAQ Export BPMs were removed in E10 :frowning:

What I do no, is use DMT to toggle a checkbox in UD table, and have a BPM run off the UD table change. Then schedule (via Windows) a power shell script to run the DMT via command line.

Pretty hacky, but it works for me.


I still see it in 10.1.500.49 and @josecgomez said he tested it in 10.2 - so it must still be there in E10.

@Aaron_Moreng what is your CAM Name, so I can redirect our CAM to him/her. Our CAM has never heard of this module and believes that “Epicor” does not sell this Module. Where or from who did you buy it from?