Running Quick Ship/Epicor remotely

We are trying to process and print labels for customer shipments from a remote location. We have an offsite warehouse that uses remote desktop to access our network to use a local machine at our facility, which is within our network, to process shipments.

For a better picture:
Computer “A”, which outside of our network, uses remote desktop to access Computer “B”, which is inside of our network. Computer “B” has Epicor installed, where customer shipments are processed. We utilized Quick Ship (Manifest), so when we “Freight” within Epicor, carrier labels print.
Computer “A” has a label printer and a form printer connected via USB. When we “Freight” on Computer “B”, we want labels to print on Computer “A”. The user is physically working on Computer “A” the entire time - meaning this computer is at their fingertips.

We have the printers defined within Quick Ship (the printers connected via USB on Computer “A”).

So far, no luck.
Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?


You should avoid USB Printers and instead connect it to an Ethernet Cable and add it to your Printers on your network.

But all that aside… Under Printer Maintenance you would setup your Paper and Label Printer if I recall and then you can assign it to a Workstation, under Workstation.

The User then can switch Workstations, or you can assign the user a Workstation in User Security Maintenance.

As long as your printer references a \\NetworkShared\PrinterNameHere you should be good.


Are you saying that we should add the “offsite” printer(s) to our network?

@nstorm The Quickship server needs to be able to see the printer so it can print directly to it. Originally Insite did that thru a shared local printer on the workstation, but in more recent versions they can print to a network label printer.

I was testing last week with this and the printer does not have to be added to the server, but the server needs to be able to use the shared printer.

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So we don’t need to have the printer set up in Printer Maintenance within Epicor?
And it must be a network printer?

Correct, QuickShip started as a third party product and does not use Epicor for printing. It uses a service called PrintMon to process the print jobs.

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The issue is that while the person is physically at computer A, they are using a Cisco AnyConnect VPN and Microsoft remote desktop to access computer B. Computer A’s network does not communicate with computer B’s network. The printer that computer B is printing to is the redirected printer on computer A. Since there is no route between the two networks, setting it up as a network printer won’t work.