SaaS Pilot Database (Live to Pilot)

Does anyone know if the SaaS Pilot Database is overwritten by Epicor during certain upgrades (Live moved down to Pilot)? Particularly in multi-tenant environments. I know it has to happen at some point, but I don’t know if/when you receive warning.

I’m finding it difficult to get a straight answer on this.

hmm I think its the second sunday of every month. I’ve lost work a few times because I forgot they did that.

Yikes. I hope they only do that when you’re in production, because we have nothing in our live DB yet.

MT, the product that Evan is currently on, is no longer sold. Public cloud only copies Live to Pilot in preparation for upgrades (10.2.600 → .700, or 10 → 11) so about two times a year. They do send out communications beforehand. You can also buy extra instances if you have a dev project lasting longer than the period where you would run into an upgrade. The instance will still be upgraded but you control the data copying.

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Based on that, it sounds like the upcoming 2021.2.100 upgrade will likely be a Pilot refresh then.

This was presented during the " What’s New in Kinetic 2021.2" webinar.

Cloud customer’s will have their Pilot environments refreshed on 9/15 and upgraded to 2021.2 on 9/17.
If you are currently implementing, they will not automatically refresh Pilot. I would confirm with your account manager that you are marked as “implementing” in their system to make sure it doesn’t happen accidentally.

They have always communicated any scheduled Pilot refreshes to us in the past because they have been associated with major upgrades.



Thank You! That’s insane that they reserved that information for a Webinar presentation. That could have easily been included in the standard mailers and documents in EpicWeb.