Sales kit not pulling inventory?

Unsure why but it appears we have a sales kit that is not pulling the kit components inventory.

Here is the sales kit settings:

Did I do something wrong or am I missing something?

I thought backflushing was basically saying it would pull inventory from the kit components.

We’ve been selling this kit a lot but none on of the inventory of the kit components have reduced.

Not experienced in this at all, but. Can you confirm the part numbers that are setup underneath the kit are the part numbers you are expecting to have their inventory reduced?

Yep, they are the right parts and the right quantities.

One think I noticed by running a call on Erp.BO.SalesOrderSvc/SalesOrders(’{Company}’,{OrderNum})/OrderDtls.

The sales kit itself has this variable enabled: “KitBackFlush”: true

But all the components of the sales kit, which are listed as line items on the order from that call, show that variable for that line item as false.

So sales kit says, KitBackFlush true. All the components are false.

Unsure if that is the cause or not.

This is a nothing burger. Looks like everything is working and the issue was the warehouse not doing proper counts.