Sales Kit Question - Containing a manufactured part from another site

We have site A with no jobs or operations. Site B has job & ops.

Can we create a sales kit in Site A that has a manufactured part in Site B. I was thinking of adding the part to site A as a transfer part so a job would be created in B. When playing with the kit creation process the manufactured part pulls in the method from site B. I didnt think revs or resources/op were shared.

Just need a few pointers.

@ckrusen - I saw your post from a few years ago that seems similar but we are not using a configurator.

Thanks in advance

Adding @JasonMcD to this as I see you have some similar posts.


Of course, if that manufactured part is stocked (qty-bearing) in site A (not a part on the fly, nor non-stock only).

What I *discuss with @ckrusen, roughly every six months, is about transferring POTF parts. I think that might be what you are wondering about? Or are these ordinary parts in the part master?

Right, but the BOM (no ops, just material) is available for a sales kit in another site. I like that a lot, personally. Downside is that people with access to only site A cannot modify the BOM of the kit in Engineering Workbench.

Thanks jason. If I add in engineering workbench to create the kit in Site A it pulls in the Op. I was wondering if I need another rev or alternate method.

Here’s my thoughts.

  1. Create part entries in site A for every component in the SK. All must be Qty Bearing. Including the mfg’d part from B.
  2. The Mfg’d part in site B must be in the part master and be qty bearing.
  3. An order for the SK in site A creates demand for all the components.
  4. A transfer order issued from A to B for the mfg’d part will satisfy the demand for it in A.
  5. The transfer order creates demand for the mfg’d part in B
  6. A job (to stock) in B makes the mfg’d part
  7. The part is received to B’s stock
  8. A Transfer Order ships from B’s inventory
  9. A TO receipt puts the mfg’d part into A’s inventory.
  10. The customer shipment from A pulls all the SK’s components from A’s inventory.

I think the important part is that the Mfg’d part is marked as Purchased in site A.