Sales Kit Ship Via on SO Pick List

Is there a way to make the Ship Via show up on the Sales Order Pick List for sales kits? It prints fine for normal parts, but it won’t show up on the pick list for kits. On mixed orders, it will show the ship via for parts, but not for kits.

It looks like this info is missing when I look at the XML:

txtShipViaCode=“SHIPPER NAME” txtReqDate=“9/16/2021” txtOrderRelNum=“1”

It might depend on how the Sales Kit is setup. Like if it allows modifications in the order, displays components, or just the Sales Kit itself, etc…

Just consider that a Sales Kit actually creates an OrderDtl line for each of the kits components.

It shows the components ok.

Can you show a screenshot with a non-kit line and a kit line? Mostly to show where the ShipVia is appearing on the non-kit line.


I looked into the RDL and see that the field for the ShipVia has the expression:
=iif(Fields!KitShipComplete.Value, nothing, Fields!ShipViaCode.Value)

So unless the KitShipComplete is set on the order, it won’t show on the SOPickList


if you can’t change your order entry process to allow setting kits as ship complete, then edit that fields expression to:


Sounds like a plausible explanation to me! Thank you!

Thanks for the help. I finally got it figured out. For whatever reason, it was set to print the shipvia only if the kitshipcomplete was nothing. Since all of our kits are marked kitshipcomplete, it would print nothing when they were on the pick list.

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I’d guess the logic was that a “ShipComplete” kit should only show the parent line and not the components, but this was being hidden for the parent too.

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