Sales Order Automation Lines and Releases

@JerseyEric and anyone else using SOA. How can I deal with the format below in IDC?

The Part is listed at the top with the total quantity and then the releases are listed below. The document I have in IDC has a header and then a group for Line Items. Is it possible to have a sub group for releases inside of Line Items?

Thanks for any suggestions on how to make this work in IDC or get it to ECM and fix it there.



Hi, Greg.

Are you trying to set up SOA to load the order and releases into Epicor’s sales module?

The only IDC/ECM SOA that I’ve worked with involves importing orders into a non-Epicor transportation mgmt. system (TMS) via a tab-delimited text file created by the ECM workflow. So my experience probably isn’t relevant to what you’re asking.

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@JerseyEric Yes that is what I am trying to do. I got access to Ancora’s support portal last night and am watching videos on how to make customer specific DFD files which I thought was what you did.
I just need to figure out how to make a second group for releases. I saw a video on new features added in 9 and it showed there is something in DFDs called specific versions that when the OCR is done switches to an alternate of the form.


Greg, how much more can you do with Ancora apart from the Epicor piece? Can you use it for custom workflows?

@utaylor Based on the video I watched last night of Ancora training on the base IDC process we have the same install with the same sample files they used so you can do anything. Just keep in mind that even development IDC processes count against your yearly license volume.


I see… good point.

Is it possible to have a group and then a sub group in IDC? for each Part and Description I need a one too many of releases.



@gpayne, I don’t have a definitive response.

But the example in your screenshot looks similar to something that I needed recently, where a field in one IDC line “table” would be used to link to another field in a 2nd IDC line “table” . . . just as you have the same Part Number value in your 1st and 2nd line “table”.

Well, the assigned consultant from my DocStar / Epicor professional services partner firm started out designing an IDC DFD similar to your screenshot. But he hit a wall when trying to work with that once the PDF document was transferred from IDC to ECM. Sorry, I don’t have any details on the ECM workflow issue.

So the consultant, working with his firm’s ECM workflow expert, took a different approach . . . which might not even be relevant to you. In our case, the 2nd line “table” data was together in one section of the PDF. Using your example, it would be . . . the Part and Description values for all parts on the order were in one section: The first Part & Description; line break; second Part & Description; line break, etc.

So the solution was to capture all the Part & Description values in one IDC “header” MultiLine field, include that field when transferring the PDF to ECM, then using some ECM WF magic (DataLinks, SQL script executes, etc.) to join the ECM Line ‘Part Number’ row to the Part / Description columns inserted into a custom SQL table. This ECM WF generates a custom tab-delimited text file to import the order into our non-Epicor transportation mgmt. system, so we had some flexibility with this solution.

@JerseyEric Thanks for confirming it is possible, just not in IDC where I was trying to make it happen.

I have a support ticket for ECM support and a meeting with my consultant this week, so hopefully we make progress.

Thanks again.


To close the loop on this issue. There is a Misc Paramater called FillToTheNext which will continue with the data above until a new field is mapped. just set the Misc Parameter field to FillToTheNext=On