Sales order entry - PO Number

Epicor version 9.05.701

I didn’t think it was possible to have 2 PO numbers the same in sales order entry to the same customer…but it seems this is possible.

Any thoughts?

If this field on the customer is not checked you can.



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Hi John

I just checked and it is ticked for that customer. This particular customer is an intercompany customer too, should that make any difference?

Hi Mark,

Sorry we don’t have intercompany customers so I am not sure if that makes a difference, I would have thought not but……



I’ve seen this happen and the audit log showed the check duplicates box was manipulated to allow for the order to be entered. :frowning:

does the customer table show this?

Umm, Mark those are two different SO#'s in your screen shots. :wink:

There is a PO# field on the OrderDtl table as well, that one had bitten us on the butt before. It’s not checked even with the Customer master checkbox.

For the 2 orders the orderDtl table shows the following…so yes all the same.
My gut feeling at this point is like the previous post said…the duplicate POs may have been unticked behind the customer…then reticked after the order has been put on.

Sorry, brain fart… hey it was a Monday. :poop:

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