Sales Order Entry - right-click on Part Number - error


TL::DR beware of PartNum with " BY " in it…

One of my users reported this error when trying to open a Part in Part Entry from Sales Order Line - right-clicking on the Part number field.
“The process caller failed to invoke method InvokeSearch in Ice.Lib.Searches.EpiSearchEngine in Ice.Lib.EpiClientLib.dll”

The Monterey by Wind-Office Hours-18" x 15 is the Part in the Order Line.

What I found is that 15 of 16 lines on that Sales Order generate the same error and are generally titled in the same format:

Line Part
1 The Monterey by Wind-Office Hours-18" x 15
2 The Monterey by Wind-Unit ID-11.75" x
3 The Monterey by Wind-Restroom ID-10" x 6.
4 The Monterey by Wind-Amenity ID-5.5" x 9
5 The Monterey by Wind-ICOF-12" x 8.
6 The Monterey by Wind-Location Map-18.5" x
7 The Monterey by Wind-Mail ID-16.5" x
8 The Monterey by Wind-Evac Map-15.5" x
9 The Monterey by Wind-Sm. Amenity Rule-5.5" x 9
10 The Monterey by Wind-Leasing Vinyl-7.125" x
11 The Monterey by WindSub Install-278639
12 The Monterey by Wind-Room ID-3.5" x 1
13 The Monterey by Wind-Storage ID-3.5" x 6
14 The Monterey by Wind-Elevator Info-4" x 6.5
15 ACM3MM1812DPV
16 The Monterey by WindSub Install-94134CO

What is interesting is that line 15 doesn’t generate the error when right-clicking and works just fine.
When I trace the right-click action I find this line:

> <parameter name="whereClause" type="System.String"><![CDATA[PartNum = 'ACM3MM1812DPV' BY PartNum]]></parameter>

When I trace the right-click action of any other line in the same SO I see something different:
<parameter name="whereClause" type="System.String"><![CDATA[PartNum = 'The Monterey AND PartNum = 'The Monterey by Wind-Office Hours-18" x 15' by Wind-Office Hours-18" x 15']]></parameter>

Epicor is getting thrown off by the " BY " in part numbers. “AND PartNum =” is replacing the first instance where the should be a BY. This is throwing off everything it is trying to search by. Nothing is going to match the Part Master with that query.

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Those part numbers though… oy

Quotes == Bad Time


I’ve tilted at the windmill for a long time, believe me. Stronger powers than me didn’t want to hear about it.

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That’s rough.

And embedded spaces. :face_vomiting:

Well, I guess Stronger powers know better. Sorry Ben.

No, they don’t! LOL

Not just the SQL problem, every bar code is crap because of the " and ’

A little BPM can fix this :stuck_out_tongue: lol

I’m well aware. However some of our PartNums are starting starting outside of Epicor in a Sharepoint site. The BPM that would fix much of this garbage would create a mismatch in PartNums that cross-reference. I’m the tail, not the dog in this scenario, unfortunately. I have no say in the Sharepoint site. :frowning:

Just going to leave this here… :roll_eyes:
Epicor Part Numbering Standards.pdf (799.2 KB)


You CAN put constraints on columns in SharePoint and maybe, just maybe, stop the madness there. Maybe get fancy and offer a carrot to load the part into Epicor right there (via REST) to reduce the time to production. :man_shrugging:

The older I get the more I believe that the most difficult part of implementing ERP is getting the kids to play well with each other… :roll_eyes:


I CAN’T do a thing to the SharePoint site. There aren’t enough carrots on my cart to move the needle. But I appreciate the thought and concern you all have from the outside.
My biggest, personal fault is not being prescient enough to provide a strong enough argument on PartNum format 6 years ago. Even then, my influence was small.

The headline still is: " by " in a PartNum can lead to unexpected errors in “Open-With”. Hope that I may help someone with this information.

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Amen, brother!

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Had a PO yesterday we couldn’t receive line by line, but it received when we did mass receipt. I didn’t investigate, but the PO was for a non-part-master part that had an ampersand (&) and a forward slash in it, and I just have to imagine that it was one of those that made receipt entry freak out.