Sales Order Entry - Row modified by another user

We are running version 10.1.400.28. We receive the message “row has been modified by another user” after we print or print preview a sales order acknowledgement report and then make any change to the Sales Order.

Sales Order Entry has CSG customizations, multiple BPM’s, and personalizations. We use a modified report but get the same results when select the Standard - SSRS report.

Same issue while in base mode with all the BPM’s turned off.

When we receive the message we are refreshing and re-entering the information as the work around but would like to resolve the issue. Anyone have any ideas?

I have found that in certain parts of epicor you have to do a save before you switch to another page. Ex: if you were to change the due date on the line page and you don’t hit save when you go t the release page the date will not be refreshed. but if you change any info on the release page and hit save your error message will pop up. then you have to hit refresh and change your info on the release page again then save it.

That’s an issue with one of your BPMs it is not refreshing the dataset. There is a post on here about how to deal with that

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I saw the post you are referring to, but because we have the same issue in base mode with the BPM’s turned off, I wasn’t sure it would still apply.

Ah! Then it’s a bug :smile: