Sales Order Header List - All Info

Really struggling here. I need to pull all info from Sales Order Headers, but I’m having issues with pulling shipping info, contact, etc… I’m trying to create something from a BAQ, but no matter how I define the table relationships, I’m either missing orders, or the ship to address doesn’t pull. Is there a standard report in Epicor that will give me something?


Brandon, it is probably your joins in the BAQ that are causing issues. If you want to see all info from the Sales Order Header as well as have any attached shipping information, you need to make sure in the Table Relations tab has a Join Type of All rows from OrderHed:

The ShipTo Address isn’t stored on the OrderHed table… just the ShipToNum which (along with the CustNum) references that data in the Customer record.

Also the ShipTo information can be changed on the Order Release, and if that happens then the ShipTo on the OrderHed is overridden for that release.

How can you pull the correct contact information? This doesn’t pull extra records, but also doesn’t pull the contact name.