Sales Order On-Hold

This may have been answered and I have looked through the posts but did not or did not understand what the posts were asking.

I hope to make this something that is easily answered.

ASSUMING there aren’t ANY customizations that have been written into our Epicor software what “events” (shipping a line, marking “shipped”, invoicing, etc.), if any, can cause a Sales Order to be put ON-HOLD or be taken off hold via the Header tab.

I know this is a loaded question - but please regard it in its simplest form.

Please let me know your thoughts…Thank you!

This is from the Application help:

When selected, this check box indicates that this order is currently not in process. It will not be displayed on various reports. The Hold indicator displays as green if the order is manually placed on hold.

A Hold Order by Demand indicator appears next to the Hold indicator if the order has been generated from a demand contract in Demand Entry and the Hold Orders for Review check box has been selected for the demand contract in the Demand Contract Entry Header or Summary sheets. This indicator does not appear for orders that are manually placed on hold.
Note: If the Allow Shipments for Orders on Hold check box has been cleared for this company in the Company Configuration - Modules - Materials - Shipping/Receiving sheet, this prevents processing of shipments for sales orders that have been placed on hold. This affects shipment programs such as Customer Shipment Entry throughout the Epicor application. Sales order holds must first be removed in order to process shipments.

At the start, I thought you were referring to Credit Hold, which I always use because our company do not ship when the company has gone over the credit limit or has not paid the last month invoice.

additionally, if you use the credit card processing native to epicor, a sale order will be placed on hold if the authorization fails.

I have another question about Holds -

Does anyone know if there is a report or do you have a report that keeps the history of when a Sales Order goes on hold and when it goes off hold and then perhaps on hold again? And even better a UserID associated with the Transaction?

It would be very beneficial for us to have that history if anyone knows a way to do this.

In advance I thank you for any insights you can provide me!

Employ the change log feature for that. Data Directive in transaction use the change log widget and set OrderHeld field up for it. anytime that field changes it will log date time and who.

Any way you could be a little more specific on how that’s done or direct me to the documentation?

:upside_down_face: Thank you!

It’s in the manual but here - YouTube