Sales Order ShipTo ATTN

I am thinking about removing the drop down for the ATTN in sales order fora text box the CSR can just type in. I do not do much customization or any kind very often. So, if I was to replace the drop down with a text box,how would i connect it so it flows through into the rest of Epicor as if it was the data from the drop down?

Then it should be a UD field instead.

If you’re not familiar with customizing I would highly suggest avoiding that if possible. This would affect quite a few forms which would itself require more customization and modifying reports.

Thanks for the info! Reports are easy to adjust, its the other stuff that I am not real familiar with. I can do some of it, but there are some I can not do. Anyway, by way of info, what other forms would need to be customized?

I suppose you can shortcut a lot of it just to get it to show on the one report you want.
But the order can start at quote>order>customer shipment.
That would mean modifying quote to order, order from quote, shipment from order, to your report and possibly job might be somewhere in there?
Also modified reports would be quote, SOAck, SO pick and packslip/labels.

That’s just off the top of my head which i’m sure i missed something.

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