Sales Order Status

I’m trying to look to see which field indicate that a sales order has been closed. However, I don’t see this in the OrderHed table. Not sure if I just overlooked or where that is. Same thing with the line detail, which field indicate if it’s closed?

OrderHed.OpenOrder = 0 means the order has been closed.
OrderDtl.OpenLine = 0 means the line has been closed.


And FWIW - Closing an order line will automatically close any open releases for that line. And closing an order will automatically close any of its open lines (which would in tern close any open releases).

“Re-opening” an order does not restore any lines closed by manually closing the order. Same for the releases.

Thank you all.

Another quick question about sales order. Is there a status for cancelled or void as well?

Did you use the Data Dictionary Viewer to view the OrderHed table?

I think if you close a line that has no shipments on it, the status shows as VOID.

Vinay Kamboj

There is a void bit field on the order gel table.

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Thanks all. Still learning and without knowing the logic or where to look doesn’t help. Thanks for the data dictionary advice. That helps.

If you see a field on a form, the best way to find it’s source is to use Help -> Field Help.

  1. Give focus to the control that you want the details for (even read only controls)
  2. Click Technical Details in the Field help pane
  3. The DB field is show

Then in the pane that pops up, select the Technical details.

Or use the best Data Dictionary Lookup Tool for Epicor that exists on Planet Earth [ Download ] Epicor 10.2.300 .CHM Schema :alien::robot:


That is awsome ! thanks Haso!

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