Sales Order to Unfirm Duplicate Resource?

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I need some help on Sales Orders and MRP. I have noticed over the past year that a sales order ( I assume because I have no tangible evidence) is duplicated to save time on the order entry side and when it goes to run MRP and generate the unfirmed job it is taking whatever the original Rev (Drop down in pic) DrawNum: was when the duplicated sales order was created. This becomes a pain as I now have to firm the job, move it to another reactor (or various other ways on the boards), correct the rev, then reschedule it. The system was intended to create the unfirm it based on the rev we have selected on the sales order. Do you know why this is happening? sometimes upwards of 70 orders a day can happen and eats up a ton of time. Any help or direction is appreciated.

@TSEDMCMILLO I think Use Part Rev on the Part Master could address this.

From Field Help.

Use Part Rev

Select this check box if the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) should use the highest (most current) revision available of the part. If the check box is selected, an entry of the part number automatically specifies the most current revision.

If you clear this check box, you can manually create demand in MRP for different revisions of the same part, and the Epicor application honors the different revisions.

This option does not apply to requirements for stock. This check box has no effect if you do not use MRP.

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Thank you! That is the culprit! Thank you so much @gpayne and appreciate you! SO of my parts have upwards of 15-30 revs available.