Sales Order Unit Price not loading using DMT Tool


We are using a combined Sales Order (SO) template to upload SO.

All fields get updated via the DMT file except unit price for each item.

Is there a reason for this? is there a work around for this?

Please assist. Screenshots attached below.

Add column ‘DocUnitPrice’ and try again.

@fakhruddin thank you, we tried to add the DocUnitPrice column but still fails.

We are also not able to upload the Qty field.

Please share a template if you have any.

Sales Order Detail.csv (540 Bytes) Sales Order Header.csv (800 Bytes) Sales Order Line Misc Charge.csv (89 Bytes) Sales Order Misc Charge.csv (76 Bytes) Sales Order Release.csv (173 Bytes)

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Thank you @fakhruddin

Would you happen to have the SO Combined template

Try some ways:

  • Add column CurrencyCode on OrderHed.
  • Check logic of pricing for this customer. Check what Price List the system gets after you import. Or validate price list.
  • Try to add column OrderDtl#LockPrice = true for fixed unit price.

Thank you @nguyennkerp

Would anyone be able to share the SO combined template? We are trying to load SO’s with OTS (one time ship) address using the DMT tool.

Thank you

SO Combined Template.xlsx (9.2 KB)

Here’s what we use

Thank you so much!