Sales Orders when Parts are on hold

Looking for a solution to out of the box part hold. For example we need to be able to enter new orders, ship parts, quote part changes etc when a part is on hold. For us, parts are on hold to prevent release of new mfg orders thru MRP, but we still need to perform other tasks with the part. We end up manually removing the hold, completing the task and then putting the part back on hold. Cumbersome and dangerous. As you can imagine, the user gets interrupted, the part doesn’t get put back on hold and an order is released for production.

At Insights 2019 i saw a presentation from a user customization that resolved this issue, thru BMP’s and dashboards i think. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions?

If you only want to prevent MRP, can you just uncheck the “Process MRP” on the site tab?

Thanks Mark;
A possibility, but not quite what i’m looking for. The part needs to be on hold for a number of reasons, none of which prevent a sales order from being entered for future demand for example. We setup a new part, and the part is placed on hold until samples are run and approval documents sent to the customer for approval. The creation of the Mfg Order and the Sales order to make and ship those castings all require that the part be taken off hold and placed back on hold when done.

Our preference would be to have some sort of override process?

Try using the field Run Out on part entry. That allows sales order and gives a warning on job creation,

Hi Valorie,

We have this issue, as well. What we do is the same as you; uncheck the Part Hold checkbox, put the sales order in (or whatever needs to be done) and recheck the box. The team hates it. Also, there is manual intervention so someone may forget to recheck the box when they are through which opens up a whole new set of problems! I’m interested to hear if anyone has a solution to this.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was hoping someone was using a BPM or some other functionality to help?
I’m reading the Run-Out field documentation - We have a lot of BAQs, dashboards including updateable ones that rely on the part hold. So i kind of want my cake and eat it too! i need the part to be on hold but i want to be able to complete some processes without manually remembering to put it back on hold.

If i find any solutions I’ll let you know!

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Hi Beth,

Epicor allows a lot of flexibility and as a result I have used a combination of BPM’s and UD fields to apply holds in different parts of business process:


It was a case of working out which method to intercept.



Thanks, Andrew! We looked at doing this and one of our consultants attempted it, though not successfully enough.