Sales per Customer

I am trying to create a report (baq) that would give me the total sales for a customer for this year. Does any know if Epicor tracks this or if you just have to query all the invoices for the period and add them up?

The only thing I could think of besides a query is to use Customer Tracker. You can bring up the Customer, then go to the Orders tab. From there, Retrieve All orders and use the grid filters to filter out only the orders for the time period you want to see. It displays it by order line so you may see entries with the same order number (one for each line).

Take a look at the Aging Tab on the customer tracker. One of the best screens in Epicor and it could not be hidden any deeper. For you, it shows the YTD totals and compares last year.

If you wanted to learn BAQs, I think this the query we all start with :slight_smile:


Check Sales Gross Margin Report. Only issue with that is it does not list Credit Memos. Other option is create BAQ linking InvcHead with InvcDtl. Condition InvcHead.StartUp = false, InvcHead.DebitMemo = false, InvcHead.UnappliedCash = false , InvcHead.Posted = true, InvcHead.InvoiceType= SHP or MIS. InvcDtl.ExtPrice - InvcDtl.Discount is amount and InvcDtl.OurShipQty is qty.

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Thank you, I ended up writing a BAQ with customer and invchead and was able to get the information.