Sales Territories by Post Codes

Hi All,

We are currently implementing Epicor Kinetic.

I have setup Territories per region and then boundaries by post code. I do not want a territory linked to a sales person as the sales reps are customer based and not by territory.

I was of the impression that when you then pressed the “get territory” button on a Sales Order/Quote it would apply the correct territory based on the post code for that customer.

Its not working though and is only pulling the default CRM assigned territory in company config.

I have had a case open with Epicor to say its not working and they have been about as helpful as a chocolate tea pot to be honest. They have said its working correctly and it only works by pulling the default from CRM. They have suggested just logging an Epicor Idea for an “improvement”

Surely this is a bug? Has anyone else come across this or got it to work as it should?

I cant see the purpose of having a big “Get Territory” button if it has no purpose apart from pulling the default through from CRM.

We do not have ours setup by post code but instead our territories contain multiple states. If I use the get territory button it will select the correct territory (Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest) and assign the proper salesperson for that region.

Here is what our territory boundaries look like.

Hi David,

Hmmm similar to us i guess but its not pulling correctly. It always seems to just pull the territory from “default” that is set in CRM section of company config - see below. Any ideas?

Hi @lukerogers, welcome to the community.

I can confirm that it does work for post codes. Guessing you’re UK based? I have multiple customers using this just fine.

Post us an image of what your Sales Territory setup looks like for post codes, similar to the above image from David - we’ll see if we can’t identify the gap.

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I agree with @markdamen we probably need to look at the sales territory setup, but he probably knows this better than I do. I just remember ours working when it was setup, so I knew how to test it.

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If the reps are customer based, the ‘get territory’ will be useless for you and you’ll have to override the majority of customer records anyway. Unless you want them in the correct territory, but then want to override the rep everytime?

Otherwise, I can confirm my environment is using postal codes and the ‘get territory’ works.

Hi Mark,

This is what the territories/boundaries look like

then every sales person is added into every territory (as any sales person could be on any territory, the sales person is set per customer - not by territory.) The territory would just be used for reporting to identify which areas of the country we are selling in.