SalesForce Integration Middleware

We’ve purchased SalesForce and the team is working on planning the implementation.
I have been asked about what the best middleware is to integrate Epicor with SalesForce and I haven’t a clue in that area.
Does anyone out there use SalesForce and if so, what do you use for a middleware product?
I’ve heard names like Scribe and Jitterbit thrown around.
Any recommendations?

We don’t use SF but any thoughts about using Epicor?


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Epicor has a function to connect to an external CRM via a URL.
Jitterbit is used for data import and export. Are you thinking about
adding user defined fields from SFDC to your Epicor tables?

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Doesn’t look like that feature is available in 10.1.500.
We’re looking to have SalesForce implemented before we will be going to 10.1.600.

I’ve heard the salesforce integration is enhanced in 10.2, waiting for details.

We use node red and the community (free) version of mulesoft to transfer data between our many databases. I remember investigating jitterbit and deciding it was not robust enough for the variety of data sources we had to connect.

We just started using the Datix managed Scribe integration and it works fairly well. It’s priced per user per month and they are easy to work with. The only problem is that there is no error reporting so there is no way to know when a record fails to sync.

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We’re using Datix like @John_Mitchell and we’ve had pretty good luck with them as well. If we’d known about mulesoft we may have tried the free route first too.

Thanks everyone.
I’ll look into all of the suggestions.

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We have been working with Datix for 6 mo’s and they have been terrible. I would not recommend them.

We ended up going with Dell Boomi.
It’s working well so far.

Datix is being pushed to us for a SFDC integration. We don’t own SFDC yet or have signed with Datix. Since it is a while ago that this conversation took place, does anyone have any feedback on Datix?