Salesforce Integration with Epicor

Our team is researching integrating Salesforce with Epicor and would like to talk with others who have done this already. We are on E10 but moving to Kinetic soon. If you are willing to chat with our team, please PM me with your info and I will get it to my team.



Beth, if you find someone, would you be open to making it a group meeting? I would like to learn more about it too. If not, I totally understand as you are trying to get to the bottom of something for your company’s specific needs, not the needs of others like me :slight_smile:

Utah, I have no problem with it! I’m trying to get contacts for the team.

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I can tell you that I reached out to Salesforce directly last year and even got to the point of mini-demos and, at least the people I was working with, salesforce had almost nothing to say about an integration with Epicor.

They have a Salesforce marketplace where Salesforce partners build out integrations and sell them, but at that point it’s really just a custom integration that is pre-built by another partner for generic use.

I found myself very confused with this same question as it seems there should be SOME information from either Epicor or Salesforce on

  • if an official integration exists

  • what does it do and what doesn’t it do

The other question that arose was regarding a 1 way vs. 2 way integration. Of course Salesforce is very happy to push a 1 way (Salesforce to Epicor) integration as that’s far more simple. It really depends on what you’re trying to get out of the product and out of the integration.

My impression of the whole experience was that neither Epicor nor Salesforce seems very motivated with any sort of official, documented, or supported integrations. It was a lot of what you’d expect which is “yes we can do that” but that’s a pretty standard solutions engineer answer regarding any integration.

We did not end up pursuing it further.


We looked into it about 2 years ago. We approached our CAM who also gave us quote to implement the integration, which apparently Epicor has. There is a menu called Salesforce Synchronization for this purpose which is supposed to sync various items mentioned therein. The project was not pursued further by us due to other reasons.


We currently are moving away from salesforce and when we were doing some investigation and found out that Jitterbit works as a integration tool for salesforce.

We however are using HubSpot for our CRM and using a tool called


Devin, so your hubspot integration is working with Epicor?

Integration with what part of SalesForce? SF has a bewildering array of APIs, and some of the documentation is written in childish pirate talk. You could do a full bidirectional sync with their Stream API, if I’m remembering the name correctly. Their best API in terms of documentation and ease of development is the Commerce Cloud REST API.

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I can see there is an External CRM License, a pdf guide for a Salesforce integration, and there is a process called Salesforce Synchronization under Sales Management/Customer Relationship Management with parameters for Customer/Contacts, Parts and Quotes.

Documentation might be available in epicweb.

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We we are working on it with HubSpot we are able to use rest calls to get the data from epicor have not tried to push data yet still in development on that.

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@Jonathan what we would like to do is talk to people who have integrated. We’ve had a couple of call with Salesforce but we would really talk to companies who have done this.

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That’s always what I am after! Let me talk to someone who has done it, let me see it “working.”

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