Salesperson / Workforce Setup: See all Territories

What is the proper way to setup Workforce so that ALL salespersons can see ALL territories and ALL customers/ship-to’s in Order and Quote Entry? (10.2.300.9)


Work Force maintenance has a ‘View All Territories’ checkbox.
I think that is what you are looking for.

I saw that and I was hoping that would do it, but it doesn’t. I believe that only applies to the Salesperson Workbench; according to Help. Finally did the upgrade from Vantage to 10.2 over the weekend. I have Salespeople that now only see a handful of customers when quoting or entering an order.


Mike— Got it. Work Force Authorized Users.

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Yes, right, you are correct. And Auth User works too.

We have a single Workforce user called ‘Open’ that is listed on ALL territories and for those who need to see ‘all’ we add them as Auth User on ‘Open’. We use this method for our non-salesperson folks who need to see sales related data. Like a ‘backdoor’ past the inherent Territory security of E10.

Congrats on the upgrade!!!


Oh! Great idea, Mike! Thanks for that.

Workforce security works across the board for us. Sales Order Entry/Tracker, Quote/Opportunity, BAQs, etc.

I have found (all the way back to Vantage) that if you make a person an authorized user for a single Sales Territory then you’ll only get that Sales Territory regardless of the View All setting on their Workforce record. If you want to view all then don’t add them as a Authorized User of the Sales Territory. Alternatively, you can make them an Authorized User for in every Sales Territory.


It’s always been a tad confusing. haha Thanks again.