SalesRep table versus WorkForce

On the WorkForce Mnt form, when I view field help for RoleCode, it says SalesRep.RoleCode. I was expecting WorkForce.RoleCode.

Can someone explain?

Thanks in advance.

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The SQL database table that those are stored in is SalesRep, that’s the table name.

They may call the entry form work force entry in Epicor, but the table name that the form writes to isn’t always the same as what they named the entry form in the application.

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+1 to @utaylor

It’s probably history as Tasks started with CRM and then moved on to other areas like Engineering, Time Entry, Calls, etc.

Thanks. Related… I was told that you have to create a WorkForce entry in order for a Sales Rep to function (that is be in the list of reps to choose for a customer. Correct?

Yes work force entry is where you create the records that are available in the salesperson drop down on customer entry.

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