Same part number, 2 country of origin, 2 different lot number


Is there a way to have different country of origin for the same part number and keep track of it in the system? For the same part number, depending of the lot, the country of origin can be different. We use the Track lot feature.

Thank you

@CarlEPI system wise no, but you could add a field to PartLot and RcvDtl to track the COO. Use the default in Receipt Entry and allow them to change or force entry.

I use PartLot and RcvDtl to track tariffs and have the same issue with not knowing where a component will be sent from.

Thank you Greg. I was hoping to avoid creating a UD field but it look like this is the only way. On our side, we will populate that field based on the country of origin of our labels database.

Thank you for your quick reply !

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There is a country field for the Lot number. Has anyone linked it to QuickShip for international paperwork?