Save 'on-the-fly' created PartNum from QuoteDtl.PartNum to Part.PartNum

I have created a configurator which creates PartNum based on the selections. Im using that configurator in QuoteDtl. My requirement is when the new PartNum is created in QuoteDlt using configurator it should save the same PartNum in Part maintance table as well.

that would be out-of-the-box feature. isn’t? review configurator setup/maintenance.

@prakash, one of my colleague told me that this functionality was working before but now somehow its not working. We dont know which option should be enable or disable to make it work.

Good Morning Akashdeep,

We only use the configurator to make our new part in the part master for sales orders. However, I believe the two tabs below on the Configurator Entry are responsible for the functionality working. You’d need to have it setup for a Target Entity for quotation:


@Nancy, Thank you!! Its working :slight_smile:

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